When A Dream Becomes A Reality...

When A Dream Becomes A Reality...

Do you believe things and people are placed in your path for a reason?? I definitely do.
Paula and my paths crossed by chance about 4 months ago. An email that was a leap of faith for her has led to a demand for her art in my shop that blew us both away, and a friendship I’m beyond thankful for.

When I opened my shop I opened it with the goal and hope to be a “happy place” for others. Paula’s attention to detail, creativity and just down right happy vibe will bring such a light to your day, you won’t be able to help but smile. Hearing her story of how much she supported others and put her dreams on hold to be a mom to now taking the leap of faith and sharing her colorful, fun-loving and talented artwork with this world has been a true inspiration to me.

As I entered into this business almost 3 years ago, one of my top dreams was inspiring others to reach for their dreams. Realizing the word “Mom” was so much more than raising amazing citizens that would sculpt our future. “Mom” as we know it defines so much more than that: strength, household leader, cook, dish washer, carpool driver, friend, teacher, hero, mediator, sounding board, the glue that keeps it all together and we know the list can go on and on. But we sometimes forget how important what we give to the world is and the positive impact it can make.

Words from Paula:

“Art is something that has always been a part of my life. Some of my earliest memories are sitting at my grandmother's table with my sister coloring and drawing. We would create our own scratch art and spin the lazy Susan in the middle of the table to pass the supplies. I still have a small drawing of a tractor that my grandmother saved for me along with a birthday card from that same grandma that reads, “Thanks Paula, for just being you!”. I truly love all kinds of art and learning how to do new things so being an art teacher was what I fell into. I was determined to go into illustration when I was accepted into art school after graduation but when I arrived I realized you were limited in the classes you could take to graduate. In art education you were required to take a large variety of classes so you would know how to teach it all. In the end this was a perfect fit for me because I could take ceramics, glass blowing, sculpture and painting. Believe it or not Painting was my only C minus in college! For years I have created my own art and developed my own style based on what I love while teaching and raising a family. Three babies born in two years slowed my art to a mostly commission based process until just this year when all three babies are now in college. As I prepared my mom's heart for an empty nest over the last year I started painting more and more, creating art for beach houses, friends and coworkers. I had several people tell me about this shop they found that they knew I would love. I found this shop online and started to follow them and really loved what I found. I decided to reach out and see if they were accepting new artists. And I am so glad I did! What I have found is a wonderful set of like minded friends, support and through God’s perfect timing my painting business has begun to flourish.”


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